About Us:

We are fun to fly with and are very helpful. However, our Mission (play style) requires focused pilots who are determined to win.  We expect our pilots to be self-aware and able to respond quickly.  New pilots are expected to have an understanding of basic functions of the game.


We do not tolerate arrogance, selfishness, or childish personalities.  The minimum age is 18.  The minimum pilot level is 20.

Our play style is primarily Mission based and involves precise, rapid actions.  These Missions occur nightly between 8pm-10pm EST.  We also fly together in "After-hours", which begins after Mission time.

Our three operating principles ensure we can deliver precision assaults and respond rapidly in battle. 

Every NightStalker:

1) Follows the Chalk (squad) Leader at all times (unless directed otherwise)

2) Attacks the Chalk Leaders target

3) Responds as fast as possible to Chalk Leaders instructions


The most important aspect to our success is speed. 

Ensure your ship is equipped with Turbos, 1 RCS Slide, and 1 Harpy (all systems lvl 10 or higher) and associated training in engineering is complete.  Once appropriate speed is achieved, begin focusing on other ship systems.


We have two Assault Profiles for Strike ships:

Hypersonic Assault Profile "HAP" or Supersonic Assault Profile "SAP"

Ask a NightStalker how to set these up.


When joining a Chalk, type "ST" in wing chat and request the Mission Rig. 

The following Rigs are common:

1) DV Team @ HAP (Adv Raider w/Ruiners) or SAP (Adv War Raider w/Ruiners)

2) DF Team @ SAP (Mostly Guns and/or Missiles)

3) After Hours Mix & Match (any strike will do, but ensure your flying about the same speed as everyone else or be left behind)

4) B-Team (all Banshees)

5) HelStorm (all Hels with Missiles)